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Πέμπτη 25 Αυγούστου 2011

Ο Steve Jobs παραιτείται από την Apple CEO, θα παραμείνει ως πρόεδρος, ο Tim Cook Νέος Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος

Ο Art Levinson, πρόεδρος της Genentech και μέλος του διοικητικού συμβουλίου της Apple για περισσότερα από 10 χρόνια, εξέδωσεί αυτή η δήλωση εκ μέρους του διοικητικού συμβουλίου:

Steve's extraordinary vision and leadership saved Apple and guided it to its position as the world's most innovative and valuable technology company. Steve has made countless contributions to Apple's success, and he has attracted and inspired Apple's immensely creative employees and world class executive team. In his new role as Chairman of the Board, Steve will continue to serve Apple with his unique insights, creativity and inspiration.
Όσον αφορά το διορισμό Tim Cook, ως Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος, Levinson έγραψε:
The Board has complete confidence that Tim is the right person to be our next CEO. Tim’s 13 years of service to Apple have been marked by outstanding performance, and he has demonstrated remarkable talent and sound judgment in everything he does. 

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