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Τετάρτη 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2011

Concept της Bentley με δύο iPad και Mac mini

Η Bentley Motors αποκάλυψε ένα νέο concept για το Mulsanne κατά τη διάρκεια έκθεσης στη Φρανκφούρτη. Η εταιρεία ενσωμάτωσε δύο iPad με Bluetooth πληκτρολόγια στα αποσπώμενα “τραπεζάκια” που βρίσκονται στην πλάτη των καθισμάτων καθώς και μια 15.6″ LCD οθόνη που “πέφτει” από την οροφή του αυτοκινήτου.

Οι προσθήκες αυτές έχουν επαγγελματικό προσανατολισμό επιτρέποντας στους επιβάτες τη διεξαγωγή διαφόρων λειτουργιών κατά τη διάρκεια του ταξιδιού.
Το concept περιλαμβάνει:
Key entertainment and business features
- Two electric-powered, foldable wood veneer picnic tables in the rear cabin, each with Apple iPad and Apple Bluetooth keyboards.
- The twin iPads enable the Apple Media Centre to play video files and music, provide access to personal and work e-mail as well as the internet (via W-Lan).
- Apple Mini Mac stored in boot compartment enables integration of iPad with Bluetooth keyboard and iPod acts as control panel in rear console.
- Roof console with 15.6 inch High Definition LED dropdown monitor. Plays videos (from both DVD changer and Mac Mini) and watch Television.

Comfort, control and stowage features
- Illuminated rear centre console fitted with twin, individual armrests offers true, spacious 4-seat configuration.
- Rear console also houses Apple iPod (control panel), two cupholders, tissue box and large stowage area.
- Apple iPod controls – Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) and audio system, Apple Media Centre, plays music and access to internet.
- Two USB connectors provided for the Apple system and one Apple interface connector for the iPod.
- Bespoke control keys on rear console operate picnic tables, reading lights, control HD LED screen and select video and audio options.
- Armrest contains Tibaldi pen and Privacy Telephone handset.
- Bespoke bottle cooler in rear centre console with illuminated, double-glazed frosted glass door.
- Additional, multi-directional reading lights are provided for each rear passenger and can be operated with Apple devices.
- Sophisticated mood lighting in the rear centre console (using multiple soft glowing LEDs) ensures the stowage areas are lit and the docking station and cupholders are also illuminated for extra convenience.
Δεν έχει ανακοινωθεί η διαθεσιμότητα ή η τιμή του concept αλλά το Mulsanne ξεκινά από τα $291,295 σε περίπτωση που ενδιαφέρεστε :-)


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