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Δευτέρα 13 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Ο Eddy Cue παραλαμβάνει ειδικό βραβείο Grammy προς τιμή του Steve Jobs

Τον περασμένο Δεκέμβριο η The Recording Academy ανακοίνωσε ότι θα τιμούσε τον Steve Jobs με ένα ειδικό βραβείο Grammy για την προσφορά του στον τομέα της μουσικής με τις συσκευές iPod αλλά και το iTunes Store.
Η τελετή βράβευσης πραγματοποιήθηκε χθες με τον Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, να παραλαμβάνει το βραβείο.
Ο Cue στην ομιλία του ανέφερε:
On behalf of Steve’s wife, Laurene, his children, and everyone at Apple, I’d like to thank you for honoring Steve with the Trustees Grammy Award. Steve was a visionary, a mentor, and a very close friend. I had the incredible honor of working with him for the last fifteen years.
Accepting this award means so much to me because music meant so much to him. He told us that music shaped his life…it made him who he was. Everyone that knows Steve knows the profound impact that artists like Bob Dylan and The Beatles had on him.
Steve was focused on bringing music to everyone in innovative ways. We talked about it every single day. When he introduced the iPod in 2001, people asked “Why is Apple making a music player?” His answer was simple: “We love music, and it’s always good to do something you love.”
His family and I know that this Grammy would have been very special to him, so I thank you for honoring him today.

Το βραβείο αυτό είναι το δεύτερο που λαμβάνει η Apple και συγκεκριμένα ο Steve Jobs αφού το 2002 η εταιρεία είχε λάβει ένα Techical Grammy Award.


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