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Τετάρτη 2 Μαΐου 2012

Η Apple διαγράφει τις εφαρμογές που χρησημοποιούν Dropbox

Τώρα η Apple θα διαγράφει τις εφαρμογές που χρσημοποιούν το Dropbox SDK επειδή αφήνει τους χρήστες να "δημιουργούν λογαριασμούς".

Οι developers το έχουν ήδη αναφέρει στα Dropbox support forums.

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Ο Goran Daemon P. έγραψε:

Apple just rejected my app which uses Dropbox. Reason for rejection is the fact that if the user does not have Dropbox application installed then the linking authorization is done through Safari (as per latest SDK).

Once the user is in Safari it is possible for the user to click "Desktop version" and navigate to a place on Dropbox site where it is possible to purchase additional space. Apple views this as "sending user to an additional purchase" which is against rules.

Παρόλο που άλλοι Developers δεν έχουν την "Desktop έκδοση", παραμένουν διεγραμένες οι εφαρμογές τους.

Nikolaj S. γράφει:
My app also got rejected. The app is still on version 1 of the API and thus has no link or references to the "Desktop" version. It was definitely rejected for having a "create account" button. Quote: "Specifically, there is an option to register for a Dropbox account within the Dropbox login page."

Το Dropbox ανακοίνωσε:
"You need to use this version of the SDK that removes the create account option. We're working on a better solution and will have more to share about that next week. "

Μπορείτε να βρείτε αυτή την έκδοση εδώ

Ελπίζουμε η Apple να δει το λάθος της.


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