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Παρασκευή 11 Μαΐου 2012

Με το καινούργιο RednSn0w μπορείτε να κάνετε downgrade σε iPad 2, iPad 3 και iPhone 4S

Με το καινούριο redsn0w 0.9.11b1 όλοι οι χρήστες με τις νέες iOS συσκευές (iPad 2, iPad 3ης γενιάς και το iPhone 4S) μπορούνε να κάνουν downgrade σε παλαιότερες iOS εκδόσεις.

Αντίθετα με τις προηγούμενες εκδόσεις το νέο redsn0w υποστηρίζει άμεσα το restore των ipsw στις συσκευές μας και μαζί με αυτή την νέα δυνατότητα έρχεται και ένα νέο hack που επιτρέπει το downgrade των συσκευών με A5 επεξεργαστή χωρίς κάποιο bootrom exploit. Ακόμα όμως δεν είναι διαθέσιμο το untethered jailbreak για το iOS 5.1.x.

Download links

redsn0w 0.9.11b1 for OS X
redsn0w 0.9.11b1 for Windows (be sure to run in Administrator mode)
Some important points:
  • You cannot downgrade without the personalized SHSH blobs for your device at that lower firmware.  You need to have fetched those blobs while the signing window was open, using either Cydia’s built-in TSS@Home feature, or with TinyUmbrella.  The new Restore screen of redsn0w lets you choose either the remote blobs or local ones (for the earlier firmware).  If you don’t know where TinyUmbrella put your blobs, TinyUmbrella has a button that will show you (copy them out of that folder and feed them to redsn0w).
  • The A5 downgrade method actually updates to the latest firmware before downgrading to the earlier one.  This process updates your baseband to whatever is newest.  DO NOT USE THIS METHOD IF YOU RELY ON UNOFFICIAL UNLOCKS of your iPhone4S.  Those who used the temporary SAM technique to unlock their iPhones to specific SIMs shouldn’t be affected by this baseband update.
  • This method can be fixed by Apple with a firmware update.  It’s a (pleasant) mystery why they haven’t fixed it yet, because reverse-engineering of the restore ramdisk indicates they do know about it.  It’s possibly too niche to bother to fix right now.
  • The least-tested devices with this method are the iPad2,3 and iPad3,2 (because we don’t have those models).  If you do and you feel like experimenting, please let us know how it turns out in the comment section below!
  • This update involves a bunch of new redsn0w code.  We recommend sticking to the previous version 0.9.10b8b unless you’re specifically using this new feature, until all the bugs are worked out!  (Note: If redsn0w gets stuck at the “Waiting for device” stage for more than 30 seconds, you’ve hit a pesky GUI bug…that will be fixed in an upcoming version!)


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