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Τρίτη 31 Ιανουαρίου 2012

Η Apple ανακοίνωσε σήμερα την πρόσληψη του John Browett ως νέο SVP

Η Apple ανακοίνωσε σήμερα την πρόσληψη του John Browett ως νέο SVP των retail επιχειρήσεων της εταιρείας μετά από αρκετούς μήνες αφού άδειασε η θέση.

O Browett ήταν CEO των καταστημάτων Dixons από το 2007 και διαθέτει σημαντική εμπειρία στο χώρο που θα αξιοποιηθεί στο έπακρο στην Apple.

Ο Browett θα αναλάβει την χωρική και στρατηγική επέκταση των Apple Store ανά τον κόσμο αντικαθιστώντας τον γνωστό Ron Johnson, ο οποίος έφυγε από την Apple για να γίνει CEO στην αλυσίδα καταστημάτων JC Penney.

Ακολουθεί το δελτίο τύπου:

CUPERTINO, California—January 30, 2012—Apple® today announced that John Browett will join the company as senior vice president of Retail, reporting to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Browett comes to Apple from European technology retailer Dixons Retail, where he has been CEO since 2007. Beginning in April, he will be responsible for Apple’s retail strategy and the continued expansion of Apple retail stores around the world.
“Our retail stores are all about customer service, and John shares that commitment like no one else we’ve met,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “We are thrilled to have him join our team and bring his incredible retail experience to Apple.”
Prior to joining Dixons Retail, Browett held a series of executive positions at Tesco plc including CEO of Earlier in his career he advised retail and consumer goods clients at Boston Consulting Group. He holds a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and an MBA from Wharton Business School.
Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.


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