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Παρασκευή 10 Φεβρουαρίου 2012

Ο Jerry Manock, σχεδιαστής του Apple II, μιλά για τον Steve Jobs

O Jerry Manock, ο σχεδιαστής πίσω από τα Apple II, Apple III κτλπ σε συνέντευξη που παραχώρησε στο Seven Days θυμάται εκείνες τις μέρες και παραθέτει ιστορίες με τον Steve Jobs.

O Steve Jobs είχε προσλάβει τον Manock το 1977 όταν η Apple διέθετε μόλις πέντε υπαλλήλους. Ο ρόλος του θα ήταν συνοδευτικός  για τον σχεδιασμό του Apple II.
Ουσιαστικά ο Manock ήταν εξ ολοκλήρου υπεύθυνος για το Apple II εκτός από το εσωτερικό κύκλωμα που ήταν επίτευγμα του Steve Wozniak, συνιδρυτή της Apple.
Μερικά αποσπάσματα από τη συνέντευξη είναι τα παρακάτω:
Steve would say things like: “I was just thinking, in my career I could be the CEO of two or three billion-dollar companies.” Apple had just started out, and there was no inkling of NeXT or Pixar.
Walking back from lunch one day, I said, Steve, you paid me $1800 for the Apple II, and it’s getting to be more and more popular, and I really think I ought to have a royalty on that. I ought to get, like, a dollar a unit, because $1800 wasn’t all that much. He never hesitated. He looked at me and said, “You’re very good. But if you knew how many we thought we were going to sell in the next two or three years … You’re not that good.” What do you say to that? He was absolutely right. How many millions of those things did they sell? You can’t ask for royalties after you’ve delivered the work, so it was totally stupid and naïve on my part. And he was a really incredible negotiator.
Steve was a really good motivator – of groups. He wasn’t necessarily good one-on-one. He wanted to see what was going on, so he’d come up behind with no warning and say, “What’s that piece of crap?” I’d start trying to explain, “Well, I had to take this into account and also this…” and get all tongue-tied. He’d just get disgusted and walk away. A lot of people took that as a negative criticism of what was being done, and then they would change it, and then they’d get fired.
When somebody asked him what kind of market share he wanted, Steve was famous for saying, “I want it all. I want 100 percent.”

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